Carnation Crafts Alphabet Die Set

Carnation Crafts Alphabet Die Set

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Complete set of Uppercase letters with bonus Lowercase and Number dies sized to match.

Clean and crisp font that will work with any design.

Create your own personalised cards including names and numbers.

Perfect for those special projects when you need just the right sentiment.

Mix & match with other designs in the collection or with products from your crafty stash to create unique and beautiful projects.

High quality dies will last forever as long as you look after them!

Suitable for cards, scrapbook pages, home decor, invitations, decoupage, mixed media and many other techniques.

These dies measure approx:

  • Uppercase Letters from 2.7cm tall:
    • Uppercase A: 2.1cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase B: 1.8cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase C: 1.8cm x 2.8cm / Uppercase D: 1.8cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase E: 1.5cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase F: 1.5cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase G: 1.8cm x 2.8cm / Uppercase H: 1.7cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase I: 0.5cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase J: 1.5cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase K: 1.9cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase L: 1.5cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase M: 2.4cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase N: 1.8cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase O: 1.8cm x 2.8cm / Uppercase P: 1.7cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase Q: 1.9cm x 3.1cm / Uppercase R: 1.8cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase S: 1.8cm x 2.8cm / Uppercase T: 1.7cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase U: 1.7cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase V: 1.9cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase W: 2.8cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase X: 1.9cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase Y: 1.9cm x 2.7cm / Uppercase Z: 1.6cm x 2.7cm
  • Lowercase Letters from 1.7cm tall:
    • Lowercase a: 1.5cm x 1.7cm / Lowercase b: 1.6cm x 2.3cm / Lowercase c: 1.5cm x 1.7cm / Lowercase d: 1.6cm x 2.3cm / Lowercase e: 1.6cm x 1.7cm / Lowercase f: 0.9cm x 2.3cm / Lowercase g: 1.5cm x 2.4cm / Lowercase h: 1.4cm x 2.2cm / Lowercase i: 0.4cm x 2.2cm / Lowercase j: 0.6cm x 2.8cm / Lowercase k: 1.4cm x 2.2cm / Lowercase l: 0.4cm x 2.2cm / Lowercase m: 2.3cm x 1.7cm / Lowercase n: 1.4cm x 1.7cm / Lowercase o: 1.6cm x 1.8cm / Lowercase p: 1.6cm x 2.4cm / Lowercase q: 1.6cm x 2.4cm / Lowercase r: 1cm x 1.7cm / Lowercase s: 1.5cm x 1.8cm / Lowercase t: 0.9cm x 2.1cm / Lowercase u: 1.5cm x 1.7cm / Lowercase v: 1.6cm x 1.7cm / Lowercase w: 2.3cm x 1.7cm / Lowercase x: 1.6cm x 1.7cm / Lowercase y: 1.6cm x 2.3cm / Lowercase z: 1.4cm x 1.7cm
  • Numbers from 2.6cm tall:
    • Number 1: 1.1cm x 2.7cm / Number 2: 1.6cm x 2.7cm / Number 3: 1.7cm x 2.7cm / Number 4: 1.7cm x 2.7cm / Number 5: 1.6cm x 2.7cm / Number 6: 1.7cm x 2.7cm / Number 7: 1.6cm x 2.6cm / Number 8: 1.7cm x 2.7cm / Number 9: 1.7cm x 2.7cm / Number 0: 1.7cm x 2.7cm