Carnation Crafts Dies - Half and Half Square Set

Carnation Crafts Dies - Half and Half Square Set

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These Half and Half Square Dies from Carnation Crafts have been designed from hand-drawn and coloured artwork.

There are decoupage dies, mat layer dies and split layer dies included so you can give your cut-out designs depth and dimension. Create your own compositions by cutting different elements and layering them up.

Each die features incredible cut-line detail, giving crisp, clean and beautifully detailed cuts every time.


  • Carnation Crafts Half & Half Square Die Set:
    • 24 dies in total
      • Die: Floral Half 83.2mm x 139.2mm
      • Die: Mat Layer 1 86.8mm x 142.8mm
      • Die: Mat Layer 2 91.6mm x 147.6mm
      • Die: Floral Half (Small) 57.7mm x 73.1mm
      • Die: Mat Layer 1 61.3mm x 76.7mm
      • Die: Mat Layer 2 66.1mm x 81.5mm
      • Die: Decoupage Layer 1 33.8mm x 30.1mm
      • Die: Decoupage Layer 2 30.1mm x 17.2mm
      • Die: Decoupage Layer 32.4mm x 25.4mm
      • Die: Decoupage Layer 26.8mm x 22.6mm
      • Die: Decoupage Layer 27.6mm x 20.1mm
      • Die: Decoupage Layer 15.9mm x 19.0mm
      • Die: Lace Half 84.3mm x 153.5mm
      • Die: Split Layer 1 75.5mm x 152.3mm
      • Die: Split Layer 2 59.1mm x 151.6mm
      • Die: Split Layer 3 77.6mm x 155.9mm
      • Die: Split Aperture 47.6mm x 95.9mm
      • Die: Lace Half (Small) 53.6mm x 92.2mm
      • Die: Split Layer 1 44.8mm x 91.0mm
      • Die: Split Layer 2 28.7mm x 90.1mm
      • Die: Split Layer 3 46.8mm x 94.6mm
      • Die: Full Mat 1 160.7mm x 160.7mm
      • Die: Full Mat 2 165.5mm x 165.5mm
      • Die: Lace Square 35.1mm x 35.1mm
      • Die: Mat Layer 38.7mm x 38.7mm
      • Die: Sentiment "Best" 32.9mm x 20.4mm
      • Die: Mat Layer 36.6mm x 23.9mm
      • Die: Sentiment "Wishes" 49.4mm x 21.8mm
      • Die: Mat Layer 53.0mm x 25.4mm