Gemini rectangle box die

Gemini rectangle box die

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  • Pack includes 5 metal double sided dies
  • Dies to make 2 different sized boxes with lids
Taking our Double-Sided Die concept one step further, to create a fabulous array of versatile boxes in an array of sizes and shapes.

Gift boxes can be used for cards, presents, party favours, and much more. They’re always well received by their recipient, and even more so if the box has been handmade.

Our Double-Sided Box Dies have been designed to cut the box base AND the box lid with just one pass through your die-cutting machine. Say goodbye to endless measuring, cutting and scoring - the Double-Sided Box Dies cut the box and the lid, and, the score lines are added into the design at the same time. Perfect for when you’re short on time but you don’t want to skimp on style.

The boxes are available in four different shapes - Square, Hexagon, Rectangle, and Triangle.
  • Square - includes three boxes plus three tags
  • Hexagon - includes three boxes plus two tags
  • Rectangle - includes two boxes plus three tags
  • Triangle - includes two boxes and one tag
In addition to the box bases and lids, each set includes a variety of tag dies which can be used to embellish your designs further, or written on to add a message.