Silhouette shrink plastic sheets

Silhouette shrink plastic sheets

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Silhouette Shrink Plastic Sheets allow you to create charms and pendants for necklaces or bracelets and can be used to make badges or other small adorable trinkets.

Shrink Plastic is malleable and flexible when it comes out of the packet which means it can be easily cut using your Silhouette Digital Cutting Tool. Simply feed the sheet into your cutter and choose your design, once cut you place them into the over to bake. The baking process heats the plastic which forces it to shrink which in turn makes the plastic harden. Shrink plastic is perfect jewellery and childrens craft projects.

Silhouette’s Shrink Plastic Sheets are fully compatible with all of Silhouette’s Digital Cutting Tools.

Silhouette Shrink Plastic Sheets: Technical Specifications

  •   | Clear
  • Size: 8.5″ x 11″
  • Material Format: 6 x Sheets
  • Adhesive Backing: No
  • Printable: Yes (Inkjet Printer Only)