ZIG Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Pen 48 Set

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The ZIG Clean Color Real Brush markers have a smooth nylon bristle tip and are filled with water-based dye ink. Perfect markers for illustrations, sketches, brush lettering and bullet journals. Tip! In this large 48-set you will get a great palette of colors, perfect for artists and professionals. These pens also work super well for adding tiny details. Tip! Use the ZIG Clean Color Real Brush on to top of Stylefile Markers, to create seamless shadows! Scroll down or look in the image gallery to see exactly which colours that are included in this set. 


Included in this set:
Light Pink (026), Pink (025), Carmine Red (022), Orange (070), Bright Yellow (052), Yellow (050), Pale Green (045), Light Green (041), Violet (080), Light Violet (081), Cobalt Blue (031), Persian Blue (032), Blue (030), Green (040), Deep Green (044), Olive Green (043), Dark Brown (062), Brown (060), Beige (072), Flesh Colour (071). Light Violet (091), Blue Gray (092), Gray (090), Black (010), Pale Pink (028), Light Carmine (021), May Green (047), Mid Green (046), Mid Brown (065), Deep Blue (035), Oatmeal (064), Mustard (067), Dark Gray (095), Green Gray (093), Mid Gray (096), Gray Brown (094), Wine Red (024), Scarlet Red (023), Lemon yellow (051), Cornflour Blue (037), Peacock Blue (038), Turquoise Green (042), Light Blue (036), Lilac (083), Purple (082), Dark Oatmeal (066), Ochre (063), Light Brown (061).

The ZIG Clean Colour Real Brush is filled with a water-based dye ink and available in a range of 80 colours. The small nylon bristle brush tip is very flexible with great elasticity, making it easy to go from thin too thick lines in one stroke. A perfect tool for fine arts, illustrations, cartooning, brush lettering or other creative work.

The water-based ink is perfect for blending, fades and water-colouring effects, use water and a brush or blend the colours with each other directly on the paper. Blending Tips: Taking two ZIG Clean Colour Real Brush pens, for a few seconds gently touch nib-to-nib. Keep the two pens horizontal and ink will flow from the top pen onto the tip of the second pen. After using the blended pen, clean excess ink off onto a piece of scrap paper or towel. Another blending technique, take a ceramic or plastic dish and brush a color straight on to the dish. Taking another colour (preferably a lighter one) grab the color in the dish and brush away.